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What is this that we do every time we walk into Crossfit 609?  What is exactly is Crossfit?  


The definition that they drill into you when you go for your level 1 certification is this: 


CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.


True to the pursuit of "constantly varied" and "functional", Greg Glassman talked about equipment we don't use enough of: the dumbbell, in this clip from January 2016 -->  There were a couple of articles that paid more lip service to dumbbells here: and here:, but truly, not much attention was paid to these (sketchily evidenced by my quick and lazy review of different programs put out by other affiliates and NOT seeing a dumbbell in sight).


Welp, corporate is forcing the issue, if you will.  They've announced that dumbbells will be an implement used in the Crossfit Open (in case you haven't registered yet -->  


So if you're planning to submit a score in the Open, you will have to pick up and move with a set of dumbbells.  What will that movement be?  All signs point to the dumbbell overhead lunge -->


Aside from drinking the Glassman koolaid that dumbbells are good exercise, what are the actual benefits of occasionally swapping out the beloved barbell for dumbbells?  Try it for yourself and you'll find out quickly - try some thrusters with dumbbells instead of a barbell:

  • Asymmetry is quickly exposed - didn't think you had a "weak side"?  Think again.
  • Core stabilization becomes more important (hellooo obliques)
  • Coordination will be challenged

There's a set sitting in the gym - go ahead & pick them up.  They won't bite.


Have a great week!



We've got some events to pull us through these chilly months, one of them being the Seafood Polar Bear Run/Walk for Autism on Sunday, February 19th (  We'll be running in honor of sweet Bode - team name "Bode's Boxers" .  Chances are good that the run will be windy and cold, so dress accordingly and we'll meet up at the Pour House afterwards to warm up & celebrate.  


Also, registration for the Crossfit Open is live!  The first Open WOD will be released on Thursday, February 23rd.  In order to get everyone ready for that, we'll be dialing the weights back and getting comfortable with the movements that we've seen in prior Open WODs.  


Why register?  First off - you'll be doing the workouts anyway.  Why not be part of the worldwide Crossfit Community and put a score up alongside everyone else's.  Worried about how you stack up against everyone else?  Don't even.  Personally, this is how I'm choosing to look at it: one day, I may not be able to do these movements or participate in the Open.  Today is not that day.



Where grassroots meets greatness: Compete with hundreds of thousands of athletes in five workouts over five weeks. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness or to reach regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the CrossFit Games.


-Submit a playlist with AT LEAST 20 minutes of music.

-Be mindful of the order: Warm-up-->Strength--> WOD

-Depending on how many entries, playlists will be played on 2/10

-Members will vote on which one they like most




Step one: Select the playlist you wish to submit and click on the three dots at the top of the screen.

Step Two: Click the Share Button


Step Three: Click the "Send to...." Button


Final Step: Select either "Email" or "Message" The email you need to send your playlist to is or you can message it to 609-402-2511.