Crossfit 609 Memberships

Here is an overview of our membership packages.

Who they're for, what they do, and the investment cost.


CrossFit 609 Basic Training $100

Basic Training is designed to get you prepared for entering our main CrossFit classes. This program will cover most of the movements performed in class allowing ample time to critique and perfect each movement. This program takes place in a group setting. There are multiple coaches to work closely with you, so you are comfortable and confident you can perform the foundational movements of CrossFit. This is a 4 week program and is $100.

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3 X's  A Week Membership $100/Month

This is our beginner / maintenance membership.  It's perfect for someone easing their way into regular classes in their first 2 months. As newer people tend to need more time to recover. It can be used as another stepping stone, in your journey to becoming the best you, that you can be. This membership is also used by experienced athletes who just want to maintain what they already have. Even after you get fit, you still have to maintain it. This is a monthly membership and is $100 a month.


Unlimited Membership $125/Month

This is our committed to my fitness membership. This is where all of the magic happens. Anyone who has made the jump from the 3 day a week membership to this one. And has also committed to coming more then 3 days a week, has seen tremendous increases in their strength, mobility, and over all fitness. Five days a week paired with the proper nutrition, is where you see big transformations happen!  This is a monthly membership and is $125 a month.